This is also when Enmlek told Goethe and told Goethe that Enmlek lit a tulip with the length of his index finger. He politely walked up to a beautiful lady and asked if she could help him get a incense burner. Naturally, after a long burning, the incense burned out a little bit and formed a piece of complete incense ashes. Finally, it was scattered by the fierce shaking and formed a jet-like shape, which never changed again.

At that time, Emlake had a finger-length tulip in his hand.
And here?
A full meter of incense was lit, and the rich but not pungent aroma made Goethe feel a sense of spiritual relief. He sat down on the sofa and looked at Margarita Margo.
Those eyes are full of aggression.
This makes the second daughter of tulip family a little nervous.
The second daughter of the former tulip family is a headstrong horse.
And now?
After the impulse, it’s cowardice
Even the speech became stuttering.
"What are you doing?"
Goethe nodded and got up directly.
The second daughter of the tulip family screamed in a hurry and scared the whole person to blink away.
It was about half a minute before the second daughter of tulip family returned.
When I came back, I saw Goethe hitting her pastry cabinet, choosing delicious cakes, and the wine was unplugged.
"Are you scaring me?"
The second daughter of tulip family gritted her teeth and looked annoyed, while Goethe put two cream cakes on the plate and whispered, "Oh, woman, do you really want to try?"
If Goethe didn’t take the cake again, the second daughter of tulip family would be scared.
But with this kind of bedding tulip, the second daughter looked at Goethe’s’ strange’ performance and immediately her mouth slightly turned up.
"Are you worried that I will be embarrassed?"
"Sure enough …"
"Goethe, you are a gentle man."
The second daughter of tulip family said with a smile
Goethe rolled his eyes and ate the cream cake.
What in the world makes people happier than sweets?
Nature is a creamy dessert.
Delicate taste, My Sweetie taste
Let Goethe finish the cream cake on the plate in one breath.
During the whole process, the second daughter of tulip family didn’t speak again. When Goethe finished eating, she handed me the handkerchief intimately.
Goethe looked at the handkerchief and then at the mouth of the second daughter of the tulip family.
He think he needs something soft to wipe his mouth.
Raise my hand, grab the second daughter of tulip family and pull her wrist.
"Ah … blare, blare"