He came to the warehouse, came to a behemoth, pulled it over his face, looked at the big guy and said, "Baby, it’s time for you to come out again …"

This monster is Xu Nianwu. Take out the killer weapon against the manor.
He once said that the ultimate weapon of "Tunnel Construction 2" was a new shield machine-Fantasy, which was manufactured by the State Construction Group with the help of industrial door technology.
It was this monster that should have fought its way out in the field of tunnel engineering, causing a bloody storm, but it was ill-timed. Just after it was transported to the virtual city, it was dumped in the warehouse by a big dump waiting for rust.
Xu Nianwu, this big guy, never had a chance to come out of the mountain again, but now he didn’t expect to have another chance to play.
"I know baby, you won’t let me down!"
Then Xu Nianwu waved "away!"
Taking advantage of the night, more than a dozen huge trailers transported this behemoth to the manor.
"How beautiful it is!" Next to the old boom, my eyes are straight
Men are always so fond of giant toys.
This guy is much bigger than an excavator!
"But such a beautiful big guy is transformed into rusty gold … in fact, it doesn’t make sense." Lao Bang already knows some technical parameters of the earth. "I saw its limited power, its operating efficiency is at best several times higher, and it can run at full capacity for a long time. Besides, it is no different from the guy who transformed the cutter head before …" Lao Bang is obviously not satisfied with these.
"This big guy, it should be a horrible monster that scares the enemy …"
"It controls all other driving devices, and it should be completely new from the outside!" Old boom is a little fanatical.
But in the blink of an eye, he was a little discouraged. "It’s a pity that we are understaffed! We need a lot of manpower! "
Recently, almost all the Nathanians in Xiaofushu have been clamored to come, and one person has issued an employee card to let them work.
But now there are more than ten excavators of different models and sizes and other construction machinery in the manor, and now there is another monster, and they are really short of manpower.
"I’ll think of some way to solve the manpower problem …" Not far from Zhuang, I thought, "You can let go of the rest."
"Do you want to find a way?" Lao Bang tried hard not to show contempt. Are you sure that what you mean by trying to find a way is not to signal your best headhunter Sazler with your hands folded?
"Of course not!" Not far from Zhuang, of course, I know what he is thinking. "Am I the kind of manor owner who can’t find talents without Sazler?" I am a manor … The second headhunter … "
Lao Bang said, "Tell Sazler that I want skilled craftsmen, and it is better to have experience in leading a team."
Not far from Zhuang, roll your eyes. You really think Sazler and I have a heart!
Zhuang walked not far to the corner and just wanted to put his hands together …
I heard an alarm and then Xu Jianfei sounded, "The first team that found the intruder will attack with me!"
After receiving the order, the specially trained players, who have been training for a long time and have never been in actual combat, cheered quickly and followed Xu Jianfei’s rapid attack.
Xu Jian flew back in less than half an hour. "It’s a group of Nathanians. Do you want it? If you don’t want me, I’ll go to Xiaofu! "
"Do you want it! More! More! " Lao Bang led this group of people away happily, and one of them sent an employee card, and then muttered to the sky with his hands folded.
However, Sazler is not always so effective, or he is not far from Zhuang, and he keeps sending messages. He didn’t receive this wave of people at all, and there were no intruders for several days.
Zhuang not far from comforting the old man roared, "Forget it, even the best headhunter can’t let people take a vacation?"
However, a few people were added to work overtime day and night. On this day, the old man happily invited Zhuang not far to the forge.
"Master Zhuang, this excavator has been rebuilt!"
"Is it reformed?"
"All the parts are rusted with gold, and the wires and pipelines can be changed. We have also changed them to ensure the strength of this excavator as much as possible," the old boom said.
Zhuang looked at the excavator not far away.
The characteristic of rusty gold is that it looks rusty and almost all the paint on the earth is difficult to adhere to its surface, so its appearance is bare and it looks particularly steampunk.
"Have you tried?" Not far from Zhuang, he touched his tentacles with great interest. It was cold, and the Sunllians never needed to doubt their handwork. Although it looked rusty, it felt so smooth that even flies had to split.
"No, this is the first modified machine in the manor. This honor belongs to the owner." Old Boom respectfully handed the key.
"Then I’ll try it. I haven’t had an excavator yet." Zhuang crossed the seat not far away. "That’s first … then … then … ah, help …"
At that moment, the excavator suddenly ran out like a wild horse.
What? Nobody told me that excavators can run so fast!
Seeing that the excavator ran straight into the front of the forging gold station, he screamed, "Ah, ah, ah, ah … help!"
"Boom …" A loud noise, the excavator knocked out a big hole by forging gold and headed straight for the tinker.
"Lord Zhuang! Save the owner quickly! " The old man roared and ran after him.
"Ah, ah, ah … stop, stop …" Not far from Zhuang, the excavator frantically waved the bucket and went on a rampage with destruction.
"Boom boom boom …"
"Daniel! Daniel! Come and save the car! "
Ten minutes later, when Zhuang was finally dragged by Daniel from the excavator, it was already in ruins.
Less than half of the quarters of the forging institute have been collapsed by excavators, and the surrounding area is a mess.
"It’s terrible. Fortunately, I never let the landlord pass the car." Xiao Wei turned pale next to him.
Not far from the excavator, Zhuang was frightened and calm for a long time, clutching his chest.
Then I saw that the servants were all looking at him with idiots on their faces. He said proudly, "What are you looking at? I am testing the combat effectiveness of this thing! "