Two hours of deep sleep completely restored Goethe’s energy.

Bathroom Goethe washed and changed clothes carefully.
It is important for him to visit at three this afternoon.
Extraordinary language’!
What is faster than learning an unknown language if you want to know it?
Naturally, someone teaches this language!
Goethe is well aware of this truth
Moreover, learning from each other’s knowledge naturally means calling each other’s teachers-and’ teacher’ in the concept of hometown has a very special meaning.
Sogo is very solemn.
From shirts and vests to trousers, shoes, coats, windbreakers and hats, they are all brand-new sets.
Songlin Avenue is a store to buy.
A new oak cane was included.
It cost a total of 12 jinks.
Goethe would have deducted the money if he didn’t know that Swart didn’t dare to embezzle his money.
"It’s really expensive!"
Goethe evaluated it from the bottom of his heart, and then he couldn’t help thinking of one and a quarter, a copper angle and a pound of black bread.
Obviously, this is almost two worlds.
A well-dressed gentleman can’t understand the hard work of running around.
Workers can also fantasize about the life of gentlemen.
Maybe …
Are all jobs gold?
Goethe touched the neckline and cuffs.
Solid workmanship, good fabric
"Don’t worry,’ Zhan Mu Zhan Mu Tailor Shop’ won’t fool people, but it took them 30 years to accumulate their current name-although old Zhan Mu’s eyes are bad, little Zhan Mu inherited his craft perfectly."
"If possible, I suggest you customize a suit. Although it is convenient, sometimes customization is more suitable and more suitable for some salons."
"They gave me a walking stick, but it was for my face."
After the suggestion, Swart looked like he was taking credit.
Then before Goethe spoke, the sheriff leaned in and asked in a low voice
"Is Shila Amzah moist?"
This is not the first time the sheriff has asked.
In fact, since the sheriff knew that Shila Amzah had come to his office, especially when he found that his desk was pushed to both sides and the ground, he confirmed something.
The sheriff first mourned for a moment.
Then there is a deep curiosity.
This curiosity directly dispelled the sadness and made him willing to run errands for Goethe.
After all, he has never heard of that Shila Amzah lady who spent the night.
Goethe casually perfunctory.
Swart hit the palm of his left hand with his right hand clenched.
"Sure enough!"
"I told you before I first met Shila Amzah …"
The sheriff was about to make a long speech when he got interested, but Goethe didn’t listen.
He is in a hurry.
Straight out of the police station and borrowed the police carriage.
Goethe went straight to No.1 Fury Street.
No.1 in Fuli is close to the tree-lined block. The security is good and the pedestrians are well dressed.
Especially ladies with umbrellas, it has become more and more here.
Goethe saw many signboards all the way and hung up the doorplate.
Aila Camellia Room’
Xili craft workshop’
Such as this
On the other hand, at No.1 Fury Street, the sign "Mrs. Burns’ Classroom" is hung on the house number.
Goethe’s exposure is like walking into a "cram school" street in his hometown
However, compared with the hometown where everyone looks solemn as if they are going to the battlefield, it is much better here. Everyone smiles except …
The other party is also dressed in a suit, wearing a hat and holding a cane.
Before seeing Goethe, the other person was smiling and refused a lady’s friendly conversation.
His face turned cold immediately after seeing Goethe.
It’s like Goethe owes him a gold coin.
"You were almost late!"
When Goethe came to the front, the other party was even more cruel.
"If you can see that the roadside clock is two forty-five, I arrived fifteen minutes ago."