"I see. Thank you, Count Funak."

Naomi’s hoarse voice is very harsh with a metallic texture.
Then Count Funak stepped into the wall and appeared bloody door without looking back.
Seeing Naomi slowly recovering, although she was a little depressed, she didn’t appear his condition. Surdak put an envelope on the stone platform and said to her, "Then I have to leave now. I shouldn’t be in Ruite City in the near future. If you have something urgent to find me, you can send the letter to Ruite City Castle and someone will forward it to me!"
With that, Surdak took Thea away from the abandoned mine overnight.
Naomi in the depths of the mine sat next to the skeleton with the soul fire flashing in its eye socket …
Chapter 126 Good news
On the day before Surdak was about to leave for Bena, there came a news that almost made the whole plane boil. A five-person adventure group called Short-tailed Bear unexpectedly found a rock Lun Gao in the southern part of the plane, and this adventure group was very lucky to kill the rock Lun Gao and find a rock heart from the core.
This five-person adventure group simply sold this rock heart in Banks Town.
It is said that the members of this adventure group announced the official dissolution of the adventure group on the spot, and the five members divided the huge sum equally. Some members of the team simply went on a trip, while others chose to take the money home. If you save some money, you can almost achieve food and clothing worries in this life …
In just two weeks, the whole dry cloth plane adventure group knew that’ the rock Lun Gao appeared in the collapse’.
So several adventure groups flocked to the southern part of Ganbu plane to try to become the second short-tailed bear adventure group
Surdak didn’t expect the news that Banks Town would come before he left. When Surdak wrote back, he particularly emphasized the need to do a good job in logistics for these adventure groups. In addition, it was necessary to write the law of trying to avoid danger on the town bulletin board. Finally, it was necessary to let these adventure groups look at this matter rationally.
There are rocks hidden in the depths of the collapse, Lun Gao. This is the public secret of the dry cloth plane, but the Lun Gao Adventure Group, which has witnessed rocks with its own eyes for so many years, is estimated to be able to count them with one hand.
This also means that rock Lun Gao is far rarer than people think.
If any adventure group is bent on hunting rock Lun Gao in the collapsed land, they are likely to be disappointed.
Surdak sat in the room and glued the envelope to Thea and ordered, "God, you will send this letter to Mukuso City Hall …"
"I also want to go back to Duodan Town to see Signa and Nika." The letter handed by Surdak was put in a paper bag next to the desk of SEA and said to Surdak.
Surdak stopped writing and looked up at Sylvia across the table before he said to her, "There needs to be someone here who is responsible for delivering information. I have you around who is most suitable and needs you to stay."
Although miss mermaid was reluctant, he nodded obediently.
Surdak holding a pen paused a pair of west Asia said
"When this expedition is over, I can let you go back to Duodan for a period of time, and you can stay as long as you want."
That’s not what Thea wants. When she hears Surdak say this, she can bow her head in frustration and say, "Okay, got it!"
Surdak bowed his head and signed his name with an official letter, and then told Thea
"Remember to send me the work diary every week and keep an eye on the city of Ruite for me."
When I went back to my room, Surdak found that Hathaway and Beatrice almost pushed out the clothes rack department with four maids, and these clothes rack gifts were all men’s.
Hathaway is carefully selecting among these rows of hangers, and the maid will put Hathaway’s selection gift into the suitcase.
He never knew that he had so many clothes, and he didn’t even think about what he needed to wear when he went to the dance. Hathaway had prepared everything before, and now Suldak found his extravagance when he saw the clothes rack filled with brand-new gifts.
"What are you going to do?" Surdak stepped forward and asked gently
Hathaway proudly took Surdak and pointed to six huge suitcases on the side and said to Surdak, "These are all things you usually change laundry and attend a dance to meet him. The nobles need to wear aristocratic ornaments in complete sets. Even the shirts, bow ties, underwear and socks and shoes are matched. Don’t flip them around and get them wrong."
"Know" Surdak some head looked at these boxes freely said.
Hathaway went on to say, "Besides, there are many gifts that can’t be folded for such a long time. When you arrive in Duodan Town, you must remember to take them out and hang them in the closet!"
Her voice is soft and she feels lazy.
Surdak patted his magic pattern and said to Hathaway, "I think one magic pattern is enough."
Hathaway stubbornly shook her head and said, "If the battlefield of this magic pattern structure is damaged and needs to be repaired, you must always have a set of clothes. Besides, these gifts are only obtained when you are in aristocratic communication. For example, if you attend a dance, wear this magic pattern structure to see who is willing to talk to you!"
Surdak was almost refuted by Hathaway and waved and said, "Well, I’ll take it this time. Would you like to go to Bailin with me?"
Hear Surdak ask aside Beatrice a face of caper.
Hathaway threw a sky-blue star gift into the suitcase before saying to Surdak
"It’s good to accompany you to Bena and visit a parent."
"Bailin is too far for Beatrice and me. It takes less than two months to go back and forth. Maybe it’s almost winter when I get back to Ruite."
"We don’t want to miss the beautiful ginkgo leaves in autumn in Ruite City."
It’s hard to be disappointed to hear Hathaway say this …
Surdak took the earliest magic airship at the port dock and rushed to Bena City. On the same day, all the city hall officials and members of the House of Representatives of Ruite City were present to see him off.
Surdak didn’t expect so many people.
The port and dock were once congested and the traffic became a little paralyzed.
At this time, the magic airship was full of people, and everyone seemed to be waiting for Surdak’s last ship.
Surdak boarded the magic airship with Hathaway and Beatrice, and the captain waved the flag in the command room and rang the magic airship bell.
As the magic pattern array on the surface of the bell floating device lights up one after another, then the floating device makes a roar and the magic airship slowly rises high.
In the luxurious bedroom on the top floor of Surdak Ship Building, you can clearly see the shrinking foot of Ruite City through the floor-to-ceiling glass window.
In order to avoid being on the same boat, his passengers always salute when they see themselves. Surdak will appear in the magic airship restaurant almost at lunch and dinner.
He always watches chess in a luxurious cabin.
It seems that every time I take a magic airship, it’s like giving myself a small holiday and having two wives to accompany me. This kind of life is just like Gensoul Ducker feels a little upside down day and night.
However, the day before the magic airship arrived in Bena City, Hathaway got seasick inexplicably and had a great reaction. She almost vomited whatever she ate.
Even if Surdak made several holy lights on her, it would not help Hathaway, who had been lying in bed all day, looking pale and weak.
Good Hathaway endured for more than a day, and the magic airship arrived in Bena successfully.