"Yes, if you have a conscience, go vegetarian!"

"People who eat meat have no conscience!"
"To hell!"
"Animals are so poor, why eat them!"
A group of people behind President Zhou desperately accused Zhuang not far away.
Zhuang got up and left silently without saying anything.
A group of people cheered for victory when they saw Zhuang’s back not far away.
Soon I saw the restaurant staff take turns to bring the vegetables one by one.
"Our manager Zhuang said that you were right and wanted to invite you to dinner." The staff said with a smile.
Now it’s time for dinner, and almost all the dishes of vegetables come from the manor. The taste is simply fascinating!
President Zhou took a deep breath and felt that he was hooked up.
In particular, there is an oil-drenched spinach in front of President Zhou, which is delicious, delicious, green, oily and green. The spinach exudes a strong fragrance of vegetable oil, which makes people want to swallow it even with their tongues.
As soon as President Zhou clamped a chopstick, he saw Zhuang coming back not far away. He sat down in front of him and sighed, "These live spinach were killed just because you wanted to eat them."
A group of people around looked at Zhuang not far away.
Is this kid stupid?
"You didn’t …" President Zhou shook his head and smiled. If they can’t resist such a common counterattack, don’t say others are vegetarians.
Zhuang smiled not far and didn’t care about continued
"You see this spinach has been planted in the field since childhood, and there is no place to turn around …"
"Their brothers and sisters were taken away from them before they grew up … they have been living in fear and don’t know if they can grow up or if they will be taken away one day …"
"Finally, one day these spinach grew up and they were uprooted …" Zhuang threw a bundle of spinach on the table not far away. "Don’t you feel sad that these spinach are so cruelly tied together that it is difficult to move?"
"Listen, listen carefully. Did you hear them crying? My roots hurt. I feel so tied up!"
President Zhou is still laughing, but an aunt next to him put chopsticks silently and couldn’t eat it.
She thought about it and planned to eat rice next to her.
Zhuang glanced at it not far away and smiled again. "Look how cute these rice are … when you eat them, have you ever thought that they are actually rice children?"
"You see these white chubby rice grains are more like a white chubby little doll, but they were brutally taken away from the rice when they were just mature, and their mothers were smashed and scattered in the fields at will …"
"You ate thousands of children in one bite! You still eat! "
"Pa" rang and several people couldn’t eat.
President Zhou shook his head and said, "Animals and plants are different. Animals have pain, brains and nervous systems, but plants don’t."
"How do you know that plants have no pain?" Zhuang asked with a smile.
"In fact, I am a university professor. I teach a subject called animal ethics. Zhuang always comes to listen to my class to discuss an animal and ethics. I have discussed with many professors whether plants have perceptual ability. Zhuang always does not eat them because people know ethics and animals can feel pain. This is human-based morality …"
Zhuang is not far from sneering. So I’m not worthy to be a human being when I eat meat?
President Zhou looked at Zhuang not far away and said, "I don’t know what you mean. We just overdone it, but it’s really good for you to be a vegetarian. It’s also good for the world. You don’t understand that we can insult us, but you should know that we are really vegetarian …"
President Zhou looked at Zhuang not far with pity. "After eating vegetarian food, you will find how ridiculous your thoughts were and how cruel it was to eat meat. With the development of society and science, who will eat meat?" Humans should not be such cruel creatures … "
Not far from Zhuang, President Zhou can see that he is a highly educated man, and his outlook on life is firm and his willpower is firm. He can’t be said by being clever or saying something alarmist.
But because of this, Zhuang is even more angry not far away.
Isn’t it bad that you are a vegetarian and I eat meat without anyone interfering?
Everyone is an individual. Why do you force me to accept your three views?
What, you’re right and I’m wrong?
Since you want to force me to accept your three views, don’t mind if I ruin your three views …
Look, President Zhou said that he was impassioned and Zhuang smiled. "Are you sure plants have no perception?"
"Do plants have nervous system and perceptual ability? I once wrote a paper, General Manager Zhuang …"
President Zhou’s voice did not fall when he heard Zhuang calling a "Daniel" not far away.
It suddenly got dark outside the window at that moment.