Ear up and listen carefully. There is no sound in the room. After waiting patiently for a while, I still didn’t hear anything.

Yip hon can’t help but hesitate. He wants to test whether there is anyone in a room, but no sound doesn’t mean no one. It is also possible that the people inside are alert and deliberately silent.
If that’s the case, wouldn’t he expose himself by knocking these times?
Thought of here, there was a trace of regret in his heart.
Hesitated whether to leave the horse or continue to wait for Yip hon probe looked at the door out of the corner of his eye and suddenly saw the number of the representative floor of the ladder not far away just jumped to thirteen.
Yip hon heart jump a dashed past quietly hide behind the ladder on the left side of the column-thanks to luxury decoration on both sides of the ladder has a protruding wall column to hide.
The left side of the hiding ladder is because there is a guest room on the left, and those people in the ladder are more likely to go to the right.
I don’t know how many people are in the ladder, and I don’t know which way they are going. Ye Han had to prepare for the battle, with a pistol in his right hand and a saber in his left hand.
Look carefully at the number on the ladder so that it becomes 16 "Ding!" As soon as the ground rang, Yip Han quickly drew his head back, and then he heard the sound of the ladder door, which rushed out of the ladder before it was finished.
Messy footsteps rushed to the right yip hon can’t help but breathe a sigh of relief.
Yip hon can’t see behind the column. Seven people in straight black suits rushed out of the ladder. The leader was wearing a silver-gray suit.
After a few people left the ladder, they hurriedly turned to the right column, and Yip Han quietly breathed a sigh of relief when he heard the distant footsteps.
Gray suit with a few hands out of a few steps, suddenly feel something is wrong with a confused look back at the stairs outside the ground that a string of conspicuous footprints came into his eyes, gray suit suddenly pupil contraction.
Then he showed an insidious sneer and rushed to the side and waved his hand in the direction of the stairs.
Six black suits turned around together and saw the gleaming ground slip away, and the money suddenly realized that they had pulled out their waist pistols, pointed their guns at the pillars and crept towards them.
The sudden stagnation of footsteps made Yip hon’s heart jump just relieved and got up again. It happened that he couldn’t probe out and look out, and his heart could not help but get anxious.
Where on earth did the clues come out?
For a moment, I couldn’t think of the reason. He moved a little to the right quietly and stared at the mirror-like ground tightly.
There is a crystal chandelier on the ladder. If someone approaches the ladder, they will block the light first, and Ye Han can take the lead to reflect the figure on the ground with the help of light and shadow changes.
Yip hon sight just fell to the ground, a careful figure appeared on the ground Yip hon hate almost bite the molar.
There is no way to think about it, and there is no way to think about it. Yip hon did not hesitate to lift the pistol, and the micro pistol made a poof, and the bullet penetrated a black suit’s forehead, and the eyes in the black suit suddenly solidified.
The power of micro-bullet is smaller than that of ordinary bullet, and the skull can’t stop it. A big hole is left in the back of the black suit, and the back half of the skull is broken into pieces, scattered in red and white, and splashed all over the ground wall. Fortunately, several of his black suits are stained with some of them.
The sudden change made everyone alpha males yip hon take the opportunity of continuous fire and hit a black suit left chest.
My black suit finally came to my senses and dodged together.
Yip hon’s third shot was a fire, but when he aimed at the black suit, he escaped unscathed. However, another black suit behind him was arrested by this shot because of the obstruction of sight. He fell down and his right hip was bleeding profusely. I don’t know if it was excessive blood loss or severe pain. The black suit was as white as a sheet.
Pay a painful price for two deaths and one injury because of a moment of stupidity.
A black suit finally realized that he had a gun in his hand and finally fought back the first shot. The other two black suits woke up from a rude awakening and immediately joined the shooting ranks. Even the gray suits pulled out their guns and fired again and again.
Just now, it was quiet in the corridor, and the smell of smoke filled the nasal cavity. Yip Han’s hiding column was smashed out one after another.
In order to hit Yip Han’s black suit, the bullets are aimed at the edge of the column, and the angle of the bullets hitting the column is far below 30 degrees. The bullets inevitably produce ricochets, which hit the wall, floor and ceiling corridor behind the column. The decoration has been chiseled one after another, and the luxury decoration has changed beyond recognition.
What is the diameter of the column, even if a rifle can’t penetrate a few pistols?
However, he didn’t hit the pillar with a bullet, and the dust and slag kept hitting his head, but this little trouble was nothing.
Yip hon safely hid behind the pillar and took a steel ball killing Grenade from his waist, pulled the tab and threw it out to quickly block his ears while not forgetting to shout "Grenade-"
Poor black suits are all ordinary pistols. The corridor reverberates endlessly to cover up all the gun parts. Where can I hear Yip Han’s "kindness" waking up?
At the moment when the Grenade flew out of the column, several black suits’ eyes popped out and they could no longer pounce on the ground without a gun. A quick-acting black suit consciously reached out and tried to catch the Grenade.
Chapter 226 Head-on (2)
However, the black suit overestimated his ability. The Grenade rubbed his fingertips and hit the fuse. The black suit burst into a blazing flame with his eyes wide open, and then he lost his vision.
In the corridor, a rumbling of hundreds of steel balls exploded at the same time, and the column behind Yip Han was hit by dozens of steel balls in an instant. A few steel balls passed in front of Yip Han and almost accidentally injured himself.
There is even a steel ball that bounces back after hitting the wall opposite Ye Han and slams the magazine on the right abdomen of Ye Han.
Yip hon scared out in a cold sweat, but for his bulletproof vest, he would have punched through his liver!
He was startled. Those black suits behind the column would be miserable. He wanted to pick up the Grenade. The close-range Grenade explosion hit the front garment and was instantly torn by the shock wave. One fifth of the steel ball nailed him. He was beaten by the dense steel ball and burned at random. The steel ball hit has turned him into a bloody gourd.
That ordinary face is full of steel balls in the hardest hit area. When the blood hole comes out of the eye socket, it is even inlaid with a small steel ball!
It’s impossible to recognize him even if his father and mother are together.
The other two black suits were not much better, both of them were hit by dozens of steel balls. Although they kept twitching, they were also the last to struggle. They had already crossed the ghost gate and were not far from death.
At this time, if the optical machine perspective these black suits can definitely pick out a lot of steel balls from the skulls of these men.
Of the seven people, only the gray suit that was a little far away escaped, but he also got seven steel balls. His right leg was lame and his right arm fell softly, and a drop of blood flowed down the muzzle.