He rushed towards Surdak and jumped up at a distance. It was an absolute way to jump and cut the distance. But when he jumped to the highest point, a giant virtual shadow suddenly appeared behind him. With the explosion of Sauron’s chief, the virtual shadow of the giant was more transient than the reality …

And the giant just appeared Sauron’s total length. The giant reached out and grasped Sauron’s total length ankle. His arms suddenly swung round and threw Sauron’s total length in his hand, and the throwing direction was just Surdak’s side.
Sauron’s chief commander is like a giant sword shell flying towards Surdak with both hands.
Surdak did not flash or avoid posing as a defensive posture, and raised the shield to his chest to meet Sauron’s chief Pojun. His broad sword also flashed the holy light.
When Sauron’s general double-edged sword split the Surdak shield, almost all the Surdak people and shields were split out by this sword, and Surdak crashed into the flower pond again.
There was cheers all around …
When Surdak walked out of the flower bed again, the atmosphere became particularly dignified.
He looks very embarrassed, but he is not hurt.
On the other hand, Sauron, the general manager, throws two moves, and the strength in his body is like being pulled out. However, it is difficult for him to ride a tiger at the moment, so there is no need to stop, but these stunts consume too much for himself.
The big black sword in his hand once again broke the number of swords, like mountains, wrapped around Surdak.
But that’s a few swords …
Like the rain, the chief of Sauron jumped in the sword, and the light and shadow of the sword jumped high again.
This time, Sauron’s total length was almost integrated with the double-edged sword in his hand. While Surdak rushed to avoid the arrow rain, he quietly chopped several swords over Surdak’s head. Surdak held a shield in his hand and it was difficult to dodge in the rain.
Seeing Sauron’s captain coming at Surdak, the angel’s virtual shadow reappeared behind him, and his free and bright wings surrounded the strong holy light that could almost purify people.
Angel Sauron’s total length fell to an instant and suddenly spread his wings to wrap Surdak.
The big sword was chopped again, and the angel’s virtual shadow was scattered around with some holy feathers.
Surdak is backhand holding a broadsword and inserting a sharp blade into Sauron’s lower abdomen.
Stepping out of the sword and releasing the white-hot sword awn is almost the same thing.
Captain Sauron looked up and fell in alarm.
Surdak put away his broadsword and squatted beside General Sauron again and said to him, "You will probably stay in bed for half a year. I hope someone in Aldington’s family will be willing to inject some resources into your injury so that … you can reply quickly if you are injured."
Chief Sauron lay pale and kept coughing up blood in his mouth. There were five mountain passes with different shades in his chest and abdomen …
"Duck, you forced me to give up this noble in Hailanza by force. So many nobles in the city opposed Darcy. Can you still fight one by one?" Sauron lay on a stretcher with a lonely face and asked Surdak.
"Of course not!" Surdak said with absolute certainty
Then he pulled out a magic parchment from the body and said to Sauron’s chief.
"This is a letter of recommendation for you to recommend Emmett to the city hall to replace the chief of the guard camp. You can write it yourself so that you can at least maintain your last dignity and wait for me to ask Darcy to write a new life."
Chapter 1245 Visit Goss Manor
Probably the knights in the guard camp didn’t expect Sauron to fall duel field like this.
There were five extra blood holes in his body, and his belly was almost cut off by a broad sword, and the blood trickled out of his body, and the stone floor in the front yard was dizzy.
Prior to this, General Sauron was the superior in the duel …
Chief Sauron’s face turned pale and his eyes seemed a little distracted. He struggled to print his handprint with red fingers and parchment.
When everyone will die because of this, Surdak squatted beside Sauron with blood all over his hands, put the dripped intestine back into his belly, and then poured holy light into Sauron’s body, and sewed Sauron’s belly wound again with needle and thread to save him from Styx ferry …
This is the headquarters of the guard camp. Although the duel was too sudden and the fighting lasted for a short time, many knights still leaned in.
Looking at Sauron’s chief lying in a pool of blood and the murderer Surdak is precisely the one who saves lives, everyone is at a loss.
Moreover, according to an insider next to him, General Sauron and Surdak are fighting a duel. According to the laws of the Green Empire, the two sides have to reach an agreement. After the battle, the winner is protected by the imperial laws, which means that Surdak will not bear criminal responsibility.
Surdak got up with a white handkerchief and wiped his hands with blood. A face calmly ordered the knight in the guard camp next to him.
"Hurry up and bring a stretcher to take General Sauron home!"
Inside the guard camp, it was a mess. The knights in the guard camp all looked at Surdak with hostility, but no one dared to come out and start work on Surdak.
Several of Sauron’s cronies found a stretcher to carry Sauron in a magic caravan, staring at Surdak with a complicated expression and finally leaving the headquarters of the guard camp in a magic caravan.