Tonight, Chiyingjia Villa, located in the center of London, is very lively, and its clothes are fragrant and its temples are dazzling.

The villa owners Chi Yingsheng and Chris are holding hands and holding glasses to greet the guests. Chi Yingying is also dressed very formally today. She has a blue scarf and magical eyes that fascinate all the girls at the venue.
But he is looking forward to coming alone.
He doesn’t like his birthday party, rather than a birthday party, but a business exchange meeting. Everyone who wants to curry favor with a company layer of Chi Ying Group or who wants Chi Ying Group to marry darling daughter is about to make a dash for the door.
"Instant Moon is coming, please spend some time with others" is Chris, the mother of Chiying Instant. She pushed Yan Hong Moon to her son and nodded with satisfaction.
Yan Hong Li Yue wore a gorgeous lux dress, stepped on a few inches of high heels and wore thick smoky makeup. She held Chiying’s arm delicately, as if swearing to belong to her own property.
"Happy birthday, this is my gift to you." Yan Hong Liyue took out a beautifully packaged box.
Chi Ying didn’t look at it for a moment, pointed to the place where guests were given gifts, "put it there" and broke free from her hand.
Damn it, why hasn’t she come yet? Did you forget?
"Instant me …" Yan Hong Li Yue’s own pool shadow will be different, at least not the same as those irrelevant guests. I didn’t expect that she was wrong. She ran to Clarice to complain when she was wronged.
"Happy birthday, you are so handsome today," said Zuo Yunchen, taking out the prepared gifts. "There are ten limited p4 balls, aren’t there?" I miss him, but I tried my best to get what I like, but I didn’t
ChiYing instantaneous unceremoniously closed fist smashed his chest "thank dust" he knew that ZuoYunChen is give up what one favours.
"The latest Porsche and Yi Shixun are the same model." The price attached to Chiying’s instantaneous ear is expensive.
"Thank you so much."
Almost halfway through the dinner, three women and a man appeared at the door, which made everyone focus on the amazing expression.
Yi Shi Xun Wu Huan Cang Nai Xu Han and Yang Chu Jing
"It’s really late" ChiYing instantaneous three people to meet.
"Happy Instant Birthday" Chu Jing gave him a hug and handed him a gift box.
Then Xu Han and Huan Hu also gave ChiYing the gift box and said, "Happy birthday."
Shi Xun just wanted to talk when ChiYing stopped her and took her away from the banquet.
In the hall, Wen Li and Yan Hong Li Yue are even more embarrassed.
Chris invited a person. "Who are those three girls?"
"Madam, the two young ladies here are the daughter of Mist’s and Cang Nai’s consortium president who have been missing for ten years; And the young master took away the illegitimate daughter of Yan Hong’s family who disappeared ten years ago, but her name has been changed to Yi Shixun. "
Chris laughed at the illegitimate daughter and dared to be with her son? Stop joking.
Cang nai Teng Xu Han has been paying attention to her since the moment he entered the door. He found that his daughter and Yang’s heir, Yang Chu Jiing, behaved intimately. Did they …
"Xiao Han" didn’t walk past until Xu Han and Jiing finished dancing.
At the beginning of "Hello Uncle Chennai", Jiing politely greeted Xu Han’s hand and Xu Han nodded slightly as a greeting.
Cang Naiteng watched them hold hands. "You are very close" was a little jealous. At the beginning, Jiing looked a little resentful. At ordinary times, I can’t even see my own daughter, let alone be so close.
"We associate" Xu Han generously admitted that she didn’t think it was anything to say.
Cang Naiteng can’t help but look at the beginning of Jiing again. "Be small and have a good little Han or I won’t spare you."
"I will uncle" obediently change the name.
"That’s good, that’s good …" Since he can’t give his daughter happiness, let the boy who can protect her give her happiness. This is his lifelong wish.
"Father" Xu Han stopped to leave Cang Naiteng "Bless you"
She is a proud princess who has the ability to love her father, her mother, her grandfather, her friends, herself more and wants to love a generation! She won’t run away. She wants relatives. She has never wanted them so much.
Cang Naiteng’s trembling body is less than forty years old. He is a little unstable. His daughter forgives herself. I really forgive myself. It is not a dream, but it is the only dream in ten years. "Xiao Han …" His eyes are full of tears.
"I’ll go home tonight." Xu Han took a deep breath. "Welcome?"
"Of course! Then I’ll go home and prepare a … "Cang Naiteng smiled hard and hurried back to his home.
After he left, Xu Han gently said to Chu Jing, "Chu Jing, some people can’t say where it is good, but no one can replace it."
Warm and beating like candlelight, family ties must be firmly closed because of the weak light.
Jiing hugs Xu Han at the beginning. "It seems that today’s banquet has not come in vain."
Over there, Wu Yi took Wu Xinyuan to Huan Ying’s side and was chatting with Yin Lan and Zuo Yunchen. She was interrupted.
"Brother involved in blue" Wu Xinyuan made a sound and cried out, casually rubbing against the blue.
Yin Lan looked at Huan Yin nervously for fear that she would misunderstand "Xinyuan, let go". The tone was unconsciously heavy and there was a feeling that scared the fog Xinyuan.
"Brother Lan …" Glanced at Cain Lan plaintively and returned to his adoptive father.
How can you not see the undercurrent when you wait for Jing Wu Yi?
"Xinyuan is really getting more and more careless." He pretended to be angry.