In fact, this is also normal. It is not a place with such a big side in the Great Xia Dynasty.

But the fact is that almost half of them are guarded by the white family.
However, it is of course necessary for the leaders of the Xia Dynasty to be cautious that a small number of them are guarded by other generals in different places
"Well, Chen said that he received a letter from Baiyan today saying that he lost a child in Beijing 17 years ago. He just wanted to see if he could find the child this time."
Qiao Yue didn’t hold her breath and gave him Xiaofeng’s kebab. It seems that she hasn’t eaten enough. I still feel a little belly.
Qi Lan was really surprised this time. "Lost your child seventeen years ago?"
Joe month nodded, "Chen said so, and Baiyan has already set off and will arrive in Beijing in a month at most."
Qi Lan stopped talking and continued to roast mutton kebabs. This mutton is tender and doesn’t need much other spices, a little salt and a little pepper. Then if you like Chili, add a little Chili powder to eat it, which is delicious enough.
"Hey, say something, Bai Yan, but you really won’t admit it when you come to see his child in person?"
Seeing Qi Lan’s silence, Qiao Yue turned to interest. "Qi Lan, have you ever wondered how Bai Yan knew that he didn’t have a child seventeen years ago?"
"Very simple" JiLan also didn’t lift "nature is when he met the boy in the capital and told him"
There’s nothing else possible except this.
Qiao Yue knew that Qi Lancong’s problem was not difficult. It was not surprising that he was nutty. He continued to ask, "Then you don’t want to know why the brother who gave birth to Bai Yanchang ten years ago didn’t say anything early or late, but just tell him now?"
"In fact, it’s not a secret that the White House safely buckled. The family knows that it’s not a secret that many people in Beijing were told from an early age that there were a group of people guarding the border of the Great Xia Dynasty and their identity of Baiyan at that time."
JiLan sighed and stopped looking at Joe month "what are you trying to say? Do you want to tell me that the husband in Baiyan is likely to be Xiao Fang Armin? "
"There is a great possibility. Otherwise, how could you suddenly find the child?
To be honest, when I went back, I asked someone to check the Baiyan incident. Baiyan returned to Beijing to report on his work and never returned to Beijing again. However, in the third year, another Bai family and a cousin of Baiyan took a brother from Beijing and still looked for a child in Beijing for a long time. Unfortunately, nothing was found. It was time to finally return to the border and had to give up. "
"After a few times, almost every white family will look for any lost boys in the same place in Beijing because they don’t move much and are generally secretly visiting and looking for them.
All these years have not been noticed, but for Chen’s specially ordered inquiry, I’m afraid the news will not be known. "
Qiao Yue, with his legs crossed, shook it. Don’t be so carefree. Squinting his eyes, he enjoyed the sunshine coming through the cracks in bamboo leaves. The autumn sunshine was warm but not hot and comfortable.
Qi Lan was really surprised this time. "According to your meaning, this white rock may really be Armin, a small party?"
If that’s the case, wouldn’t it be happy for everyone?
Xiaofulang can find his own father and Armin, and he is not worried about ruining his life now.
"Isn’t it a surprise?" Joe raised his eyebrows and looked like he was showing off. He couldn’t wait to shoot a brick directly.
But this is really good news, and thanks to Li Mochen and Qiao Yue’s help.
Otherwise, it will be years before he can find out Chu Xiaofulang’s life experience?
Even though I really want to spit in my heart, I thanked you seriously. "This matter is troublesome for you, but I don’t know if I’m in a hurry. Wait until I figure out the specific situation, or wait until Xiaofulang and I first see the white general and see if it’s true, as we guess."
Joe month nodded he also understand JiLan cautious.
If they guess that all this is true, if it is not true, then a big oolong will come out, even if Jixiaofulang looks bad, Jixiaofulang has no face, and Jilan can’t blame him.
However, what everyone didn’t expect was that things were sometimes more dramatic than drama, just like Qi Lan never thought that he could cross the rebirth, and he didn’t think that it would be so simple to be too young and husband.
Of course, these are all later stories, not for the time being.
JiLan didn’t rush to tell XiaoFulang that Qiao Yue ate mutton kebabs and stayed in the bamboo house for one night, so he was satisfied and ready to go back, and also gave him a deed to the house, which was just next door to Wei Wu Yi and them, but the room was bigger and better.
Chapter 15 Chapter six thousand words
A bamboo basket of Dendrobium actually didn’t weigh those people on the bamboo floor, and then JiLan handed them more than a dozen boxes of Dendrobium directly from the bamboo railing. One person and one basket just finished taking JiLan and told a few words to XiaoFu Lang, which was only in XiaoFu Lang Nai’s eyes that he went with those people with trepidation.
"What exactly is this Dendrobium?" A man jumped up from the side. It’s a rule to stop at the place one meter away from Jilan. Wei Si saw his one eye and didn’t stop it.
This person looks familiar. Qi Lan remembers it a little. "Liu Qiang?"
"I’m Liu Qiang. Do you remember me?" Liu Qiang looked surprised.
It’s not that I remember that it’s difficult for people to forget what they did that day. Later, pale steward also said a lot of good things in Jilan’s ear, which naturally made Jilan more memorable to this person, but I didn’t say much about it, but said, "This Dendrobium is a very good medicinal material, and I am also clear about its specific efficacy."
After the seeds are planted, they should also send some to the people of the Royal Medical Service for them to study what the specific efficacy of these Dendrobium is. "
This is not JiLan mystifying don’t want to tell others.
But this is the truth. He knows Dendrobium is a very good medicinal material. He can’t buy wild plants if he wants to buy them himself.
For his effect nature also is to know some.
Just like ginseng and ganoderma lucidum, this is a good tonic.
Because of thinking about the husband Langqi Lanshan’s fast speed, Cang steward had been waiting for Wei Si to call someone. When he heard that there were new medicinal materials in Gong, he wanted to go with him. He wanted to see the Dendrobium fruit in Wei Si’s mouth first, but Wei Si disliked his slow speed and stopped him.
"This is who said four dendrobium? What kind of medicine is this? I’ve never seen it. Even the doctor didn’t write it. "
Pale steward directly across the JiLan all rushed to the JiLan directly behind him to pull a bamboo basket eyes are reluctant to move.
"But this is Dendrobium. It is said that the stems of Dendrobium can be used as medicine. I don’t know how to do it." Jilan replied with a smile and then added, "What happened to those things that I asked you to do before I was in charge?
These Dendrobium roots and buds are still tender. It is necessary to plant them early. "
Be JiLan wake pale steward hurriedly turned around with JiLan they walked into the valley "back to the public has been ready, just waiting for these Dendrobium planted directly"
Planting Dendrobium is actually quite simple. How can I raise Dendrobium well? Qi Lan has no good suggestions. He has never planted it himself.
They have to manage things themselves. It used to be like a wilderness valley. At this time, it has been sorted out by the Ministry. According to different medicinal materials, different medicine fields of different sizes have been sorted out.
According to Jilan’s request, some tall trees in the valley have not been cut down by the Ministry, especially those on the hillside near the edge of the valley, and none of them have moved. There are mountains all around.
Besides, Jilan, the former lesson of Dasan Village, didn’t want to challenge the power of nature at all.
It is better to leave more trees to lock up the water and soil.
What’s more, he told people in the valley to find more people to cut down trees in some places deep in the mountains, just cut down the smaller thorny and thatched shrubs on the hillside of Yaowang Valley, but none of those big trees are allowed to move.
Cang steward left a place for Dendrobium in the valley, and the soil was made very fine and divided into about one meter and five meters, so that it was convenient to pick flowers after Jilan told me what he knew.
Then other things will be handed over to Cang steward for busy work.
At this time, it’s okay. Jilan looked at the front and it has changed a lot. A two-meter-wide road has flowed out of the Yaowang Valley, let alone riding a horse. Even the carriage can pass. On both sides, there are regular medicine fields. Some early plants have sprouted.
According to Qi Lan, every medicinal material is surrounded by a fence and then listed on the fence to write what this medicinal material is and what its function is, so that anyone who can read can know what these are.
While those people were planting Dendrobium, Jilan went to the valley outside to see a circle, and the dormitory of more than 500 people had been built.
After all, many men are strong and strong. It is natural for a big man to eat well, dress warmly and work hard every day
At the moment, there are dozens of people following Cang to plant Dendrobium, and some others water other medicinal materials that have just been planted. Some villagers Qi Lan specially designated a place for them to build houses here.
Chapter 16 flashed by
Killing wolves is impossible for Qi Lan, but it’s unexpected to make jerky. Don’t say it’s Su Fang and Wei Yi. Even a few big men like to put a few roots in their arms when they think of it, and throw one in their mouth to chew.
Of course, JiLan didn’t forget to send some dried meat to Qiao Yue, and in fact, wolf meat can do the same, especially when traveling long distances. Dry food is much better than dry cake.