If she remembered correctly, how could a baby who was born just a few days ago come here in person? But looking back with her, Yuheng’s face seemed to be a little surprised, including some hesitation.

"Saint’s adult can need to send a car to take you back to the palace now."
"I … want to stay here for a few days?"
"But … that belongs to send you to the envoy’s office now"
LianJianJia shook his head. "I mean, just stay here and leave me alone."
"Saint’s adult belongs to send you back to the office. It’s crowded and messy here. I’m worried about you, but I’m also afraid that most of the people here are killing people and taking care of them badly. You can’t afford it then."
Even a slight frown "you said so … forget it. Take me to the envoy’s office. I don’t want to go back to the palace for the time being."
"Yes, please inform the saint’s adult now and then prepare a carriage for the saint’s adult. Sit down quickly."
The seagull has been here for several days, but he hasn’t seen the lotus root. He doesn’t want to see the lotus root with a big belly, but when he heard that the lotus root daughter died, he immediately ran to the palace, but Ru Qi Qimu told him that even the lotus root didn’t wake up, and no one could visit her before she woke up.
You Yan Qimu tried to hide this thing, but the seagull didn’t want to cheat Lianjia, so he went back to this envoy’s office to wait until Lianjia woke up and then went to see her. As a result, he heard that Lianjia was in the office now.
Seagulls hurried to this house to prepare a bedroom for Lianjian.
Even sitting there in a daze, the table tea seems to have never been drunk, but the temperature is already very cold.
"Ni son? Why are you here? "
"I just went to see my daughter, but I want to calm down for a few days. If people come and go in this palace in vain, I can’t have a good rest." Even Jia Jian looked up at the seagull.
"Then you have a good rest here. I’ll arrange good people to take care of you, but these ancient people didn’t allow this woman to touch the water while sitting on the moon. Just as you are here, I’ll have someone boil hot water to clean it up for you. This bacteria will do you harm."
"Eldest brother ….." Even a slight pause and then a reluctant smile "thank you".
The seagull went over and put the lotus on a coat and put it on her again. "I’ll change you to a warmer room later. This room is shady."
Even Jia Jian didn’t answer, and he held out his hand and held it over. This coat continued to look at the desktop teacup in a daze. "Eldest brother, find someone to inform a prince. Don’t make a fuss about it then. If he wants to see me, just tell him that I will go back after finishing the month here."
"Ok, I know." The seagull was actually very sad when he heard this. At this time, he was the most vulnerable but chose to stay here. Such a letter is like a medal in the eyes of a soldier.
However, even the news of Jianjia came back to this palace, but it was an uproar. How can you say that you will stay there now, and even your family or the Queen Mother will visit you then? I can’t say it.
"Nonsense! Who has been to her hospital today? "
The sky slightly lowered its head. "It’s Yuheng, but after she went in, she didn’t see that she took the princess out of the hospital!"
You Yan Qimu picked up this coat and glared at the sky "waste!"
Even the cockroach is sitting in this warm water, and there are fragrant petals floating in this water. There are two buckets in this room that are afraid that even the cockroach will get cold when changing water. This bloody body has been washed away. Now even the cockroach just wants to calm down in this water. On the other side, there has always been a maid helping to change water and add hot water, but it is not afraid of freezing.
"Saint’s adult Lord Geng Guo is here."
"Didn’t I say I don’t want to see anyone?"
"Report is breaking in … let him in? Presumably saint adults don’t want to see their husband and saint adults fight. "
Even JianJian sighed and nodded his head.
You Yan Qimu came in and looked at Lian Jian sitting in the water and immediately fished her up. "You just gave birth and can’t touch the water."
Even wait for a while, looking at Jianji, dried himself and skillfully changed his clothes. To tell the truth, it’s a little surprising that you can do this. Even Jianji is surprised that he can do such a thing?
It seems that you can really feel that Qi Mu is worried that even when he looks at himself and adjusts his clothes, "it’s okay. In Bai Xiaoni’s world, workers are everywhere after giving birth for a week."
"What kind of world can fool around like this and go home?" You Yan Qi Mu picked up Lian Jian and looked at her gently as if he had never thought of fooling around with this daughter.
LianJianJia shook his head and rubbed his nose. "No, I want to calm down. Today, after seeing the child, I decided to report back. If someone comes to visit the report, tell them that I am sorry to lose my daughter. Even if it is a report, no one will insist on seeing me."
"Lovely … don’t you want to see our son? Although my daughter is gone, there is still him. He is as quiet as you are, just like being born white and being restrained and cautious. "
When I heard this, I suddenly felt fear in my eyes and struggled to come.
"Let her stay with me. If someone asks, just say that because of the suspicion that this little world and the little princess had problems at that time, they directly grabbed the people in the envoy’s house of this sea country." The seagull leaned against this window sound, and there was nothing particularly hostile, but what was done annoyed you more than hostility.
"Jia Jian"
"When I go back, I will tell you clearly what it is when I want to be alone for a while."
Although Ruyan Qimu is very dissatisfied, there is still no way to connect with the current situation. He knows that he can’t ask her to go back unless he directly takes her away by force. Ruyan Qimu held her out of the door. "Where is her bedroom? This time, she is a narrow escape. She needs to pay special attention to the news and never let her touch the water again."
"Well, I’ll take care of her. After all, she’s my sister."
Chapter 27 One hundred degrees change
Lian Jianji is a man who keeps his word. He returned to the palace after lunch on the full moon of the child.
Today, the palace is so busy that many people come to celebrate it. After all, they have heard it. Even the newborn gave birth to twins. As a result, the South China Sea has come to life. Such a child must be highly regarded by you.
It arrived at the earliest, and the good time for you to invite someone to calculate the banquet is Shen Shi to stay in this house for nearly three hours. This servant has some people to admire. This official, no matter how big or small, is afraid that he will be late if he is attached to you.
"The sovereign sovereign princess is back" was left in the house by Lian Jian, startled and rushed into the room.
What are you talking about with Qi Mu and Yue Wang? "Third brother, I’m going to pick up a cockroach."
"I’ll go with you. I haven’t seen her for more than a month."
Lian Jian looked at the gifts piled up in this door with a strange smile on his face. Although I don’t know if there are malicious gifts in it, judging from the number of gifts, there are many more people than before.
It seems that when she didn’t ask about this, the influence of Ruyan Qimu suddenly grew a lot. Now she has enough to worry about, and she will pick up all these things quickly, otherwise it will be bad if she is caught off guard.
Lianjia walked slowly along the road and saw several chatting officials in this hospital. They asked them to take the initiative to say hello, nodding their heads to indicate that all these people avoided it without exception. This topic of having a child was all about ordinary congratulations, and some officials obviously came only recently and were afraid to say hello to Lianjia.
When you saw it, Qi Mu ran over and hugged her. "You finally came back."
"Well," Lian Jian looked at him and held out his hand very actively. "I’m back. Take me to see him."
Ruyan Qimu suddenly "even the name is waiting for you to come back and get it. Come and have a look with me."
"In fact, I want to know if he has had similar symptoms now." There was concern in his eyes.
Ruyan Qimu always feels that Lianjian is a little strange, but she can feel that Lianjian seems to be in a lot of spirit now and she feels much better than before she got pregnant.
"Sister-in-law feels like she has come out."
"I’m still glad that I haven’t seen the child, and I can still think that the child has never been there." Lian Jianji answered this question from the front, and his reaction to people suddenly became much more natural than in the past
You took one look at Qi Mu and shook it. I went to inform the wet nurse first. It seems that I hope to see this child even faster.
Although it was only a month ago, this wrinkled little face has become smooth and ruddy, and even the baby has been hugged from the nurse’s arms. "It is already so big."
"Babies are the same every day. This generation is a generation. Just think of one word."
"Hongyi" even said as if she hadn’t thought about it. "Just call it Hongyi. It’s the same with a child left. I hope he can always be in high spirits."
You Yan Qimu looked at Lian Jian and nodded. "I went to burn incense for my daughter. Where did you put the stone tablet?"
"Yes, it’s me."