The waves laughed. "When I finished my work, it was 3: 30 in the morning. At that time, you were waking you up in your sleep, and you had to scold me."

Blue Moon said, "You always have to report to me this morning, right? You are comfortable sleeping until this time. "
The waves said, "After being nervous, you should be extremely relaxed. There is nothing wrong with relaxing and sleeping after I finish an exciting job!"
Blue Moon said, "Oh, come on, you just like such lewd metaphors!" "
The waves said seriously, "I am such a person, a slutty and happy person!" "
Blue Moon smiled and said, "All right, let’s get to the point. Now Shao Xuewu’s troops have suffered more than half of the casualties. What do you do next?"
The waves said, "If you want to kill and chase, you should beat the dog while winning. You should beat Reservoir Dogs and annihilate Shao Xuewu with all your energy. Let him throw his life here. This is his hometown!"
Blue Moon said, "Do you have a plan?"
The waves said, "Give me dozens more people tonight and I will kill Shao Xuewu for good."
Blue Moon frowned and said, "Tonight? Do you know how many words called this morning? Do you know how many words I made to calm things down for a while last night? Comrades, this is the downtown area. Gunfire and scorched corpses are everywhere. Alas, fools all know that this matter has something to do with our Star Gang. It is no joke if someone pokes into it and investigates it! Can’t you wait for this thing to pass before looking for Shao Xuewu? "
The waves said, "Shao Xuewu has already returned to his villa in the United States when the limelight is over. He must not be willing to give up now when his hatred for me and me is strong. If we don’t get ahead of him, he has two ways to do it. One is to fight back crazily, and the other is to flee to the United States. No matter which choice is extremely unfavorable to us, if he fights back crazily, he still doesn’t know what crazy things he will do. If he takes a step back to the United States and then slowly finds a chance to take revenge, it will be even more troublesome to be afraid of being assassinated by him every day. Let’s
Blue Moon thoughtfully didn’t speak, and obviously felt that the waves were right.
The waves strike while the iron is hot, saying, "It’s not my waves that want Shao Xuewu to die, but your father, Lan Zong Shao Xuewu, to kill your father’s heart will not be less than killing my heart. If you miss it once, it’s hard to find us again. The big deal is to kill more people, pay more money, say something nice and bribe an official to pull Shao Xuewu out."
Blue Moon was also tempted and said, "Have you found out where Shao Xuewu is hiding?"
The waves told the blue moon what Ah Cai had said.
Blue Moon said, "How many people do you want tonight?"
The waves said, "There may be more than a dozen people in Shao Xuewu now, so we still have to bully the weak and send a hundred overwhelming ways to attack."
Blue Moon gave a wry smile and said, "Last night, I just injured 20 people, and you want 100 more. I don’t have so much to ask my uncle and uncle to help me. Each hall is still 20 people, just like every time."
The waves said, "The way and your uncle, I’ve come to be important to Mr. Liu. I’ll also try to see if I can get this face without your uncle. Please come and I’ll hit a wall."
Blue Moon smiled and said, "Are you afraid that my uncle is hostile to you and he won’t give you this face? Otherwise, my uncle will be the best in have it both ways. As soon as he sees that others have given it to you, he will never refuse or come out and do it with you himself. "
The waves laughed. "Do you also see that your uncle is not very friendly to me?"
Blue Moon said, "From the first day you came, I could see that he and my uncle wanted to unite to crowd you out. Who knows that my uncle has been with you for a few days, and she is not with my uncle. When my uncle saw that he was alone, he gave up crowding you out. Did he crowd you out when you came? When Chen Pinggang rose, he made things difficult for him in many ways. If it wasn’t for my father’s protection of Chen Pingzao, Chen Pingzao couldn’t do it."
The waves said, "Your uncle likes to fight for power. If you let the ancient court go, you will be a traitor!" "
Blue Moon smiled and said, "He naturally followed my father to fight with me, and my uncle developed an arrogant mentality. He also developed his xenophobic mentality. He always recognized that he, Liu Bobo and my father had made contributions to the theory of practical ability. He was much worse than Liu Bobo. If my father hadn’t seen him as a friend, he wouldn’t have helped him to join the partnership."
The waves suddenly remembered a question and said, "Who married first, your mother or you in menstruation?"
Blue Moon looked at the waves sideways and said, "It’s strange that you ask questions. Why do you ask this?"
The waves laughed. "I’m just curious because I see that your uncle is about the same age as your father, but I heard that your uncle’s children are only in their teens."
Blue Moon said, "My menstruation is much younger than my mother. She got married late, and her children were only young. My uncle was not good in those days, or my father came forward to protect me and menstruation married my uncle."
The waves smiled and said, "I heard that your mother used to be a beautiful woman, and you must not be much worse in menstruation. What do you mean by marrying your uncle and inserting some flowers?"
Blue Moon laughed. "Hey, how can you talk? He’s my uncle. Can you give me a face?"
The waves laughed, "I didn’t give you a face. Isn’t this a euphemism for your mother’s beauty?"
When the waves were still asleep, a word woke him up. He closed his eyes, reached for the bedside table, put his cell phone on and pressed the answer button.
"Still sleeping? Have you come over? " It’s the blue moon sound, although it’s still light, but it’s not as cold as that silk.
The waves smiled lazily and stretched themselves and said, "Why are you so gentle today? This is right, this is feminine! "
Blue Moon Yinma became cold again and said coldly, "I want your horse to run over and report to me last night!" "
The waves still smirked and said, "Is this your turn? Didn’t the small punishment report to you last night? "
Blue Moon said, "I want you to report to me!" "