When minions saw that the emperor personally came with the queen, they all wondered about the private situation and talked about it in succession. Father-in-law De had gone to Qifeng Palace early, and the emperor had stayed at Qifeng Palace.

"Serve the bath" cold king light hand over to treat, then held Zi Xuan toward the pool.
Zi Xuan’s heart has been hit by a fawn again. These days, he has been holding her to sleep, and the surprise tonight will not be …
"What’s the matter?" The cold king asked and looked at her.
"No … nothing!" Zi Xuan hurriedly replied to the little face but suddenly got red.
The front pool has arrived. It is an artificial pool, but it is much smaller than the white jade pool.
The maids got their clothes ready and were about to come to serve, but they were waved back by the cold king. They all left silently, unlike other maids in the palace who would talk about nothing.
Suddenly there was silence all around. The cold king looked at the motionless Zi Xuan with a smile on his lips. Didn’t this woman know that she should wait on him?
For a long time, she looked up at him, obviously nervous but still motionless.
Involuntarily sighed and walked away, but he served her himself.
"I’ll do it myself!" Zi Xuan took a step back and his face was even more red. He forgot the word "male and female servants"
"Nervous? It’s not the first time. "Wind her eyes and reveal a smile that she didn’t even notice."
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Zi Xuan didn’t answer is nasty recede clothes and hid in the water, a whole body finally warm up into the water.
The cold king raised his smile and jumped into the water. He looked up lazily and leaned against the shore. His eyes narrowed slightly, and his brow was thick with tiredness.
Zi Xuan saw his one eye and didn’t bother much. He swam in the pool and became more and more relaxed in front of him.
I like the hot spring pool best. It seems that I can get rid of all the cold in one go. Every detail is warm from head to toe.
Suddenly, I was caught in the middle and put into my familiar arms. I was slightly nervous again.
"Why are you always nervous?" Gently leaning against her shoulder voice reveals a trace of displeasure.
"Where is it?" The low rhetorical question also inexplicably means that the heart rate will accelerate, which should be that the mother princess said the feeling of love.
"No?" Hand gently rubbed behind her inch by inch, lingering in the scar.
"no!" I was so nervous that I turned around and pouted at his daughter’s coquetry.
Cold Wang Weiwei Zheng immediately smiled and laughed. "How did you leave a scar on your back?"
Zi Xuan hesitated for a moment before saying, "At that time, it was not convenient to seek medical treatment outside the palace, so he stayed."
Even now, she can easily get rid of the scar. She left it on purpose. She asked it twice, but he left it with his own hands and forgot it. He is not going to let him know.
"Outside the palace? Encountered an assassin outside the palace? " The cold king frowned and asked in his heart who was the assassin at that time! ?
"Oh, a thing of the past! I can’t remember it! " Zi Xuan turned to leave, but she was hugged tightly and felt that her waist strength had increased a lot.
The cold king’s eyes have long forgotten what he has been thinking about for so many years. This woman can’t remember that she suddenly bowed her head and punished her, and generally sucked her earlobe.
Zi Xuan almost exclaimed out all dare not to feel that he was a wet and hot kiss lingering in the front to slowly cover her lips and waist strength to force her mouth, but he is still as overbearing as in those days!
Crazy in love, the feeling is so dizzy that I can’t remember how many times he kissed her over and over again, and finally left the pool and was held in his arms. The whole person struggled and found it difficult to breathe.
His bedroom is still deserted, leaving no maid to wait on him. It’s not as faint as the first time, but he’s very at ease. He’s still lying on a wide bed.
"Remember the surprise just now?" The refined body is covered with the incoming sound, which is very pleasant to listen to in a low voice.
Zi Xuan obediently nodded and dared not touch.
"It’s just the day when the emissaries from Yueguo will make unannounced visits." Simply say that all these days are due to the fact that someone from Yueguo is coming to make unannounced visits, so please visit their noble princess first.
"Really!" Zi Xuan excitedly unconsciously grabbed his neck.
The king of cold eyebrows slightly Cu took her hand and lay down to gently hug her from behind and smiled "absolutely".
"That’s great! Who is coming! " Zi Xuan turned around and wanted to cry happily. He didn’t find the man’s eyes strange.
"You’ll know when the time comes at night." He had to hold her in his arms to prevent her from moving. He didn’t intend to have her.
"But I …"
"Well, I’m tired. It’s almost morning."
"When was that night?"
"I’ll tell you tomorrow."
"But …"
The lip was covered again, but it was gently pecked and kissed "good sleep"
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The next day, Zi Xuan woke up and was already dead in Japan and China. Others were already out of the big bedroom, so she was alone.
Sitting up with a brocade quilt, he smiled foolishly and buried himself in the brocade quilt, full of his breath and light fragrance like his body.
This guy almost always spends the night in the princess’s palace. Should it be rare to stay here? Is it like staying for a long time?
It took me a long time to look up, and my clothes were hung on the side, wrapped in brocade quilts, and I looked at the past one by one. This dress should have been sent from Qifeng Palace, and it was very complete from the outside.
Why don’t you let any handmaids in? Have you had this habit since childhood? It’s better than brother.
Dressed neatly, 3,000 long hair fell freely, and I was in a hurry to surprise Xiaozha. I wonder who my father sent. It’s hard to guess!
Later, I have to send someone to explain to the queen mother how I overslept when I went to greet her every morning.
As soon as I got out of the bedroom door, I saw a group of slaves waiting outside.
"Empress, please come here for a while." Father-in-law made a gesture respectfully.
"The emperor …" Zi Xuan blurted out.
"The emperor has already confessed to let the empress accompany him for lunch in the imperial room." Father-in-law De explained that it was the first time to meet the queen with a little surprise, which was not as dignified and mature as before.
Zi Xuan nodded and went to the right corridor. The Ling Hua Palace seems to be quite big.
After turning a few corners, I arrived at a very chic house. The decoration of the house was not the style of the palace, but more like the style of the border ethnic minorities. Several cases were placed on colorful carpets. There were a few small stoves cooking wine. When Zi Xuan heard it, she knew that Jade Princess had sent the snow wine.
"Why don’t you go in?" Behind the familiar sound, Zi Xuan hurriedly turned to his pondering eyes and instantly felt that he had seen it somewhere and then shook his head consciously. Don’t you see it every day these days?