"Is that good?" Ouyang Tianyi’s big hands gently knocked on the table, and he had already dispelled doubts about the cloud chasing the moon.

"By the way, is it Princess’s 50th birthday after her wedding ten days later or is it the same as in previous years?" Atractylodes macrocephala suddenly remembered this matter. Every year, Princess Wang’s birthday is a grand banquet for guests.
"Just as usual" cold tone with a hint of patience, he doesn’t think his mother’s birthday is a big thing.
"It’s Shi Ye". Atractylodes macrocephala nodded his head. It’s better to see that he is in charge of things in previous years or ask clearly.
"The ye wedding will be ready? Today, the emperor has made a notice to the sky that marrying the monarch this year is the Lord. "Fan Ran thinks that with their ice face, the Lord doesn’t know when it’s time to marry the princess." Now that I have married a princess, the problem comes again. The old princess’s vitriolic nature doesn’t know what kind of daughter-in-law will suit her. Four side princesses and thirty-six concubines in Anping Wangfu are all managed by her. It seems that this future princess will suffer.
"Need to prepare" Ouyang Tianyi coldly threw out a sentence that made Atractylodes macrocephala Fan Ran’s eyes almost fall out in surprise, which is so casual about his marriage?
"I don’t think this will conform to the etiquette. After all, she is Nanzhaoguo and the princess. Peace between the two countries should not be treated casually." Glass wounds have always been considerate. I am afraid that doing so will annoy Nanzhaoguo-
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"We don’t have to take care of this matter. The emperor will naturally deal with it." Ouyang Tianyi’s roots are not properly returned to things. He just followed the sacred will and placed the girl in Anping Wangfu.
"This ….." Fan Ran Atractylodes macrocephala and glass wounds three people looked at each other know Ouyang Tianyi words always no one refute three people also dare not speak boldly.
"Yi Er Yi Er …!" At this moment, Ouyang Tianyi, a middle-aged woman outside the door, knew that the mother princess would come to look for him as soon as she heard this familiar sound and had some headaches.
Atractylodes macrocephala Fan Ran and Glass Wounds retreated to one side and hid as far as the princess was concerned.
"Bang …!" Bang, the door was pushed open.
I saw a woman dressed in luxury coming in. She was about forty years old. Zhang Furong showed her face and looked like a person with a five-point similarity to Ouyang Tianyi. Anyone who saw her could see that she was a stunning beauty when she was young, followed by two mammy about her age.
"Yi son you tell mother princess posted a notice outside is how to return a responsibility? Then how did Nanzhaoguo and Qinjun get into our Anping Wangfu Gate? Isn’t it always the palace gate for the princess and the princess? Why don’t the emperor put a delicate beauty in our Anping palace? I don’t know what the new monarch is, whether she is gentle, kind, beautiful or not, whether she deserves our Anping Wangfu or not. You promised the emperor to chase the moon or when she entered the door without considering it. Why chase the moon and the sun? Isn’t that better? " Ouyang Tianyi’s mother-in-law, Muqin, told her what she wanted to say in a series of drums. Her daughter-in-law Muqin was not so good.
"The name of the old princess is what parents call it. It’s not necessary for the old princess to like it." Fan Ran said that the most important thing now is to send the old princess away. They have no good life here.
"This call what is the so-called this shout people don’t eat tongue make a roll and princess like to have a fart! You have to like it, you ass! Didn’t shoot in the chest "MuQin hand erect, pointing to Fan Ran a face didn’t good the spirit she this heart can be suffering? This daughter-in-law didn’t worry, but now she has a daughter from another country. She doesn’t know anything about this long-distance daughter-in-law, which makes her feel particularly uncomfortable.
Atractylodes macrocephala and glass wounds can’t help shaking their shoulders funny looking at Fan Ran Fan Ran This is a thankless effort to catch a duck rack.
Sitting with Ouyang Tianyi’s cold expression as if things were nothing with him.
Fan Ran immediately forbidden to look at him like this. Why does he always interrupt? What is this future princess like? He doesn’t give a shit! He was embarrassed to be so outspoken by the old princess. The old princess’s flattery has never been easy to kiss him, and he has no long memory.
"Mother princess, this is your brother’s will and the world." Ouyang Tianyi pushed everything to Ouyang Jingkang so that mother princess wouldn’t have so many problems-
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"Yi son is the emperor idea is not wrong but yi son status that’s not to refuse? Mother princess is looking for a suitable toffee for you recently. For example, your cousin Yier is a good candidate! Gentle, virtuous and knowledgeable, it is better to marry a foreign woman to be our princess in Anping Wangfu than to let Yier be this princess! " Muqin pulled his fingers and counted the same, just because Yi’s position in the emperor’s heart was that Yi refused and the emperor wouldn’t blame Yi’s son, but Ouyang Tianyi didn’t look at Muqin and followed Muqin’s words.
Atractylodes macrocephala Fan Ran and Glass Wounds looked at each other. Will the old princess go far this time, but none of them dare to say that they dare not care about it
"The imperial edict has been made and the princess is the busy mother of Anping Wangfu. Go back to rest!" Ouyang Tianyi coldly ordered that patience in the tone had reached its limit. Mu Qin knew that her son had a bad temper and she was in a bad mood. She still agreed another day.
"Line mother princess this walk but yi son …..!"
"Mother princess, please go back!" Ouyang Tianyi quickly interrupted Muqin. He didn’t want to listen to these urgent things.
"Good good! This thing! Don’t tell you, the mother princess can still do it. Just stop thinking about herself and don’t blame her.
In the end, Ouyang Tianyi regretted that he didn’t listen to his mother princess.
In the rhyme porch, the phoenix dances in a beige embroidered skirt with hundreds of flowers, a melon face, beautiful eyebrows, phoenix eyes, jade cheeks, lips and lips, and a pretty face that is red because of running. "Miss, it’s not good, it’s a big deal." As she runs, the phoenix dance shouts that her voice echoes throughout the rhyme porch.
I was embroidering the cloud and chasing the moon when I heard the phoenix dance shouting. I couldn’t help but raise my eyebrows and let go of the needle and look up at the door.
She always likes quiet, and usually stays alone in the Rhyme Hall when she has nothing to do, and she doesn’t like being disturbed. Now she feels that she has really become an ancient person. She has embroidered this embroidery in her hand for two years, and it should be finished in half a year.
"What happened to the phoenix dance that made you run so fast?" Looking at the phoenix dance coming in, cloud chasing the moon calmly asked
"alas! Miss, can the phoenix dance be in no hurry? This is a lifelong event for the young lady! " Feng Wu stamped her feet and looked at her with a calm expression. I really don’t know what is important in her heart.
"yes?" Go straight to the point.
"Miss looking at miss so calm to call phoenix dance think the emperor is not urgent eunuch nasty miss! It is reported from Daqi that the young lady is going to marry Ouyang Tianyi, the grandfather of Anping Wangfu in Daqi, not the emperor of Daqi. If everyone in Daqi knows that Ouyang Tianyi is the regent of Daqi, the word is so cold that people feel that the arrival of the cold winter is the most unbearable thing. He has a particularly powerful mother princess Mu Qin, which is a powerful role! Of course, the phoenix dance was in a hurry. "Phoenix dance pouted and said with a face of unhappiness, how could her young lady stand this thing?" ——
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"Anping Wangfu is a regent," said Yun Zhuiyue, repeating the sentence "Feng Dance". It took a long time for Yun Zhuiyue to look up at Feng Dance and ordered "Feng Dance let Fontaine and Hanxiang come in"
"Yes, Miss" Feng Dance turned around and went to find Fontaine and Hanxiang Feng Dance. They were crisp and agile, and they never dragged their feet.
Soon Fontaine and Hanxiang were called by Feng Dance.
"Miss, is it all right for Fontaine and Hanxiang to come over?" Fontaine asked.
"Fang Dan, I want all the information of Ouyang Tianyi to be given to me before the wedding." Yun Zhuiyue doesn’t care about MC Jin Kang, the emperor of Daqi, but this Ouyang Tianyi is different. This person is a powerful and cruel role in Daqi, and his repair can’t be underestimated.
"Miss Fontaine must have given all the news of Ouyang Tianyi to Miss before the wedding." Fontaine turned around and went out without asking Feng Wu, who had already told them the news of Daqi. She already knew what to do.
"Miss, Emperor Daqi did this to look down on us. All the dynasties of Nanzhao Kingdom and the princesses and princesses were admitted to the palace, but Emperor Daqi wanted to marry Miss Anping Wangfu. Isn’t this embarrassing for us Nanzhao Kingdom and embarrassing Miss?" Miss Hanxiang was furious. Why did the emperors of the two countries so manipulate her ability?
"There is no difference between Hanxiang Palace and Anping Wangfu. For me, it is so-called to marry anyone." For Yunzhuiyue, it is the same to marry the palace and Anping Wangfu. Maybe it is more convenient for her to go out to Anping Wangfu. After all, it is necessary to find out what the master said. She has a lot of places to go.
"Miss, this is a lifelong event for miss?" Hanxiang also can’t stand the fact that she’s a miss, but she’s not interested at all.
"Ahem …!" Cloud chasing the moon always can’t help coughing "Hanxiang, you know my sex very well. For me, it’s not that I expose your scars. What is the reason why you have suffered an emotional injury and sometimes you flash sadness in your eyes?" You should know very well in your heart that everyone has worldly desires, and although I also believe that there will be true love in this world, not everyone will be so lucky to meet their true love. It is better to be their true self if they put down their posture and commit themselves to catering to the world. "Cloud Chasing the Moon doesn’t want to say too much. After she came to Nanzhao, which woman is not a woman with three wives and four concubines who wants to suit her own needs, and which man is not trying to get her hands on her feelings. If it weren’t for the fact that a master confessed things before she died, she would never have agreed to marry Daqi.
"Miss, you are right. You are full of joy and cater to the person you like. In the end, Miss Baixiang means that it is the most regrettable thing in life to think that life is only a wedding without marrying the person you like." Hanxiang hides the pain in her eyes, and her heart still can’t stop hurting at the thought of that man-
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Dear friends, rest assured that Kiki will try to update and recommend more updates. Chapter 16 The number of regrets in life will stop again.
"There are many regrets in life with fragrance. Once again, I have to do what I want to do. Who cares what she says? If you want to live well in this time, there are two ways, one is to cultivate high school, and the other is to have a unique eye. "
"Miss said that she had followed Miss Hanxiang for several years and learned a lot." Hanxiang felt that she was really lucky to meet the cloud chasing the moon and she was willing to be her servant girl. All this was because she had something that made her happy.
"Young lady! Few people can win you by cultivating heaven and man! All three of us are envious of the young lady? " Feng dance is confused. She doesn’t understand these things! She can comb her hair in a bun.
"It’s always important to keep in mind that you are diligent in practicing your qualifications every day, and one day you will be like me …"
"Make track for the moon …" A male voice came outside.
"Miss is too coming" Hanxiang knew it would be too coming.
"You go with Xiang first and come with me at night. Prime Minister Mu’s office has always been dissatisfied with our general office. When he left, he didn’t give him a lesson, fearing that he would run on my dad in the court." Cloud chasing the moon is not a kind person. People who want their lives never tolerate rape.
"Yes, Miss, this kind of thing is full of fragrance and phoenix dance, but I like to do it best." With fragrance, I look forward to her, but I like moving people best, especially treacherous people like Mu Jingqi.
Hanxiang and Fengwu just went out to Xiahou Jinxuan and went to the hall to see Xiahou Jinxuan’s beautiful face, which is carved with five facial features. The appearance seems to be dissolute and informal, but he is a very careful and good man. He is dressed in a black robe, with four-claw golden dragons embroidered on his waist and a white carved dragon adorned with Youlong opera pearls. Yu Pei looks like a whole person.
"I have seen Taidian" Cloud Chasing the Moon salutes Xiahou Jinxuan as soon as she comes in. Although she and Xiahou Jinxuan are familiar with it, there should be no less statecraft.